M.A.Sc, B.Eng, EIT Mechanical

Ann Arbor, MI

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Core Competencies

Mechanical design

Project management and completion

Optical tweezers

Adaptive optic control systems

Hybrid vehicle powertrain modeling and controller development

Micro electro discharge machining

Electronic systems development

Li-Ion battery modeling

Past and Ongoing Projects

Hybrid Transmision Strategic Control and Calibration - General Motors

Adaptive optic control of an optical tweezer setup

UVic EcoCar

Micro electro discharge machining of silicon

iPhone application development

OCR / Text-to-speech for the visually impaired

Photon Controls

Recreation of oil&gas flare stack conditions and a study of optical fouling

LED Environmental testing and test apparatus

Study of fiber optic degradation when immersed in keroscence

Hillsborough Resources

Inventory tracking database and reporting system

Maintenance database and reporting system

Survey of tool wear in underground coal mining

Daniels Electronics

Product catalogue

Technical writing

UVic Formula SAE

Mechanical fabrication

Steering design

Suspension modeling and component design

LPT Control of a simple RC car

Web technologies

Brentwoodbay Nurseries - Database migration to MySQL, PHP website, .NET administration application 

Daniels Electronics - Website (offline)

UVic Formula SAE - Website, forum, image uploading and news feed applications

Volvo of Victoria - Website (offline)

Wade Bland Racing - Website


Summary of Education

M.A.Sc. - University of Victoria, December 2009

2009 Graduate Award - Faculty of Graduate Studies; academic acheivement

2008 - 2009 Research Fellowship - Department of Mechanical Engineering

B.Eng. Mechanical - University of Victoria, 2007

Graduated with distinction



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